We like our job; we do it because we love it. This a small view of what we do, if you decides to work with us you can be sure that we are going to commit all the necessary time and human resources to get the best results exceeding your expectations, because here in Rama we do it or not, we don’t try.

The advertising world is one of the audiovisual fields we love the most because it gives us the freedom to propose ideas that are reflected in originals tv commercials that capture the attention of the general public and is translated in higher incomings for our clients.

Music is one of the biggest emotional drivers of human beings, In Rama we can’t live without music, we believe in the talents and musical projects of our country, as well as the emerging musical promises that come with amazing ideas. We love to make music videos because in this audiovisual field there aren’t pre-set parameters or formula, it’s a field that allow us experimenting with image and video, giving results that will give more power to the musical sounds of the artists.

We know that the business owners doesn’t have time to develop their corporate videos, with Rama you can be sure that your business is in good hands. We offer you a quality service, with efficiency and a good price for your company, so you can have in your portfolio and effective message with a quality corporate video. Our institutional portfolio covers a field from corporate videos passing by training video for the company employees, up to small promotional videos to move on the web or in the company social networks.












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